Sunday, July 31, 2016

"They're calling us - sounds of the world in haiku"

This selection was published in "Mind Moon Circle - journal of the Sydney Zen Centre" in the autumn edition. 

cockatoos, currawongs, the baby:
all calling
at the fall of day

hundreds of frogs
sing an ode
to La Nina

they’re calling us
over and over
the hidden birds

midday heat -
walkers soak up
the sound of water

why in this moment
does the honeyeater sing?
Google cannot say

the trees conferring
amongst themselves
around the spring

on our last night
even your snoring
is precious

cicada sings
a three-minute
life story

You can read the whole journal from this link:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Haiku from Here" - on piano

Happy wanderer -  Hardenbergia violacea
Musician Jane Andino has composed some beautiful piano pieces based on two of my haiku, and one by Christopher Ash. 

sun orchid

The music and haikus are shortly to be published by Wirripang music - called "Haiku from Here". 

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the walk along Faulconbridge ridge, during which I composed the haiku about remembering the names of flowers. 
I had been out the day before with Jim Percy, Blue Mountains Conservation Society Saturday walks co-ordinator, who was kindly doing map-and-compass work with me.

Native iris - has a rhizome underneath - Patersonia sericea

Grevillea sericea

Wax flower - Philotheca
I was indeed a happy wanderer - with backpack and handy notebook.

I'll let you know when the sheet music is published by Wirripang.