Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dunphy Pass + yatras

the view west

 the clouds furious
in their haste
to see the sea

 I went on a walk with the Blue Mountains Conservation Society to commemorate Myles Dunphy, who found the pass we used, in 1914. It takes  you from the west side of Narrowneck, up onto the top of Narrowneck plateau, to Glenraphael swamp. It was a very windy day – and cold. Who was Myles Dunphy? He was a mad keen bushwalker, and the father of the conservation movement in Sydney. Because of him, and the joy he found in walking in the areas around Sydney, we have national parks with a level of protection from development and commercial activities. He used to like to walk with his dog. But his dog would get sore feet, so Myles made him ( or her) a pair of leather booties. You can see these 4 booties in the National Museum of Australia, and also the pram that he and his wife pushed their baby (Milo) along in, while walking. 

Haiku written on the Dunphy Pass walk.....

a bird singing
above entangling vines –
tra la-la la la!


battering wind
does not hinder the greetings
of ants on the rock

clambering down Glenraphael Head
  Thanks to Harold Thomson for the photos.



Saturday August 30, easy yatra - half a day (Springwood area)
Sunday August 31, medium yatra - a whole day, about 5 hours walking ( Leura area)

Cost:$20 + dana

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Buddha touched the Earth.." - John Seed

 FRIDAY 25TH July 24, 2014
JOHN SEED: “Buddha touched the Earth – Engaged Buddhism and Deep Ecology.”
John Seed needs little introduction. For many years he has been a world famous rain forest campaigner and deep ecology activist. In more recent years he has strongly identified himself as an Engaged Buddhist. This unusual combination makes him an ideal person to be leading our next Dharma Gaia event, which is titled "Buddha Touched the Earth - Engaged Buddhism and Deep Ecology". I'm sure this will be a thought provoking, inspiring and most interesting evening.
 As in our past Meetups, we shall meet at 6pm for a pot luck, bring your own supper to share, with the main talk beginning at 7pm. Our last Meetup with Dr Leigh Davison proved to be a wonderful success using this model.
 Hoping to see as many of you as possible on Friday 25th at the Buddhist Library. This will be our last keynote speaker for the year, so get along to connect with other heart/ minds like yours, and to be inspired by John's persistent, dedicated and thorough campaigning. 
Convenor, Peter Thompson – M. 0408 507 906 


90 92 CHURCH STREET, CAMPERDOWN, up the stairs