Friday, August 1, 2008

Here is a selection of the best haiku written on the Zen and Arts re-treat in April at Kodoji. We had three wonderful days of walking , bookmaking, seal-making, writing, sharing, reading, calligraphy from Jonathan, lino cut, drawing....

New crevices licked
by the swollen tongue
of mother creek

The green shack
like me

How the rain
has ruined your poo sculpture
hidden wombat!

like the Darkinjing –
swiftly flowing stream

Diana Levy

Like old brown socks
hanging from everything

Why this tree?
the grey eucalyptus
a hundred butterflies!

Young girls chasing
the ground mist this evening
Kodoji sunset

Jonathan C

deep silence in the valley
and Cl-lang
goes the supper gong.

a tiny spider,
on a single thread
-butterflies frolic

Greg T

A family
conversing tenderly –

Flood marks
high in the ti-tree –
how deep this path!

The disused road
cut off
by flowing creek.

Janet S

A creche of clouds
dabbed luminous pink
by the sun

Vivian A
rocks lump
like old muscle,
lichen spotted
from the inside out
petal flavoured
Cath C