Friday, October 2, 2009

Haiku from Spring students

The Blackheath haijin (haiku poets) had a beautiful spring day on September 19, to inspire

their writing.By happenstance we had to work at first in the park next to the centre, but

it was quite inspiring to sit near trees in blossom They were an exotic species -could I

say 'cherry blossom-ish'?Other people enjoyed them too.

Make it snow
- On us, Dad -
Make it snow!
Under cherry trees

Cathie Tanaka (CT)

We walked down through the park past the swimming pool, "where nature meets culture",
getting to know each other.

Willows budding
players budding
the football soars


Past the duck pond, indigenous and exotic species all enjoying it....

Yes, it's more fun
To swim
On a sun warm pond
Ducks tell me


Did Minnie write this here or further on? Not sure:

chattering hikers
the silence

Minnie Biggs (MB)

A senryu perhaps. But funny!

We walked down into the quiet of the track...

fiddleheads reach for the light
wait for
the violinist


Tiny fern
Two new fronds
Gaze like lovers


I was struck by the difference between being in a landscape like the parklands where
everything is known and seen, and being in the bush under a canopy.

A delicate scent -
unseen well
of nectar


Fingers of sun
reach fledgling ferns
currawongs hold their breath.

Leith Clayton-Brandt (LC-B)

..and to the stream showing us 'karumi', lightness.

A petal in water travels

From rock to rock.

Harumi Hayakawa

This was Harumi's first haiku in English.

Leith sent this in, after the day of dust.

The sun a red coin
soil tumbling filming my hands
the dust storm raging.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful work.