Saturday, July 18, 2015

Winter magic

It snowed yesterday in the mountains. It was super cold, and the highway was closed, so I decided to go by train to see my dentist. It was packed - families, tourists, lots of little kids. The highway had been closed at Lawson but by the time the train rolled through in the early afternoon, there was no more snow. The next station is Bullaburra and then Wentworth Falls, and then...

everyone on the train
the first sight of snow

I got off the train at Leura, where the railway cutting had saved the snow from melting. People were milling about, cameras running hot.

clouds stacked
like massive fridges
in the western sky

After seeing my dentist I walked to Katoomba, down through the industrial area where the snow, slush and ice lingered.

This paddock was covered in snow years ago when I first came to see the Blue Mountains in my old bomb VW. This is where my car stopped and would not start again. It's taken me a long time to remember where this took place, because quite a number of businesses now dot the landscape. Back then, I was alone in a valley of scintillating white coldness. I don't know how I rescued myself from this scenario - somehow.

It’s a steep hike up to town, I heated up in all my layers of clothing.

an Indian
photographs the snow -
throws a snowball

I went to the Co-op, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had buying groceries – truly winter magic!