Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tangdimmaa - Northwest Tasmania

I've just been for a beautiful walk in the Northwest of Tassie, at Tangdimmaa or Rocky Cape. It is near Stanley, west of the town of Wynyard. The day was still, and warm, and the sea like satin. The sea is so clear there, and because there are no ocean swells running from Bass Strait, only the gentlest murmurs fall onto shore.

 The vegetation is heath. Many plants looked similiar to our Blue Mountains plants, but on a small tough scale - even the snake that we saw was about 9 inches in length. The Rar.rer.loi.he.ner people lived here. I wrote this:

The old -
at the cave-site
bleached white midden

And also:

Crickets softly call
autumn's breath....