Tuesday, March 29, 2016

writing zen

I'm not giving up
burnt and broken tree 
still standing

This is my best and latest haiku. Some people wonder how to begin to write. Not many ever wonder how to begin to walk. If you combined those two things, and let your writing hand move the way your legs move, you would find it easy. And you would write what you know. If you walked barefoot, you might write about the feel of the grass under your feet. Or, if we were beside the harbour, the smell of salt in the air, seagulls - ferries. You know this because you are right there. This is what I mean by "writing zen". 

 I wrote that haiku at Mt. York, in the Blue Mountains, where the 2013 fires impacted. We were just wandering along, enjoying ourselves. Would you like to  join us for two haiku ginkos (walks), at the WEA , Sydney? - enrolling now. We'll enjoy Sydney's Botanic Gardens. 

Friday, March 11, 2016


Slow down, observe, write, refresh.......by taking my course JAPANESE POETRY: HAIKU GINKO -  WRITING ZEN
at the WEA Sydney (Bathurst St).

 Beginning Thursday April 7 2016, a 5 week course of writing and walking combined.
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Two ginkos (haiku walks, you write while you walk) in Sydney's beautiful parks.

You could write about fig trees.....egrets.....grass....sunshine.......harbour......cormorants......fish......bridges......ah, now there's a good topic.


From a recent walk with the barefoot monk, Bhante Jason:

the snake stiffens
seeing me
banded throat retreats

afternoon gully 
and the bush falls silent -
my breath and my steps