Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easy Yatra in March

The easy mindful walk took place on a sunny morning after rain, along a valley floor.

the cockatoos fly off
dislodge raindrops
falling as diamonds

When you’re quiet, and mindful walkers are especially so, you see things. This fungi for instance..

And the owl in the cave, tucked high up in a dark corner. It was either a barking owl or a boobook, not pleased  - “two’s a crowd!"
I heard a water dragon’s splash into the creek - and on our way back caught another fella unawares...

in terror
the water dragon flees
becomes a fern


We saw the re-growth in the eucalypts after the fires of October. A neighbour of mine once described this as "the trees are getting their fur coats."

We saw fairy wrens - a lizard made a panic dash across the road right in front of us - magpies stood in the road singing at us as we walked up. They were undeterred.

“The space and the silence was very important – very healing.”  Neryl

this fella was in the road at the Produce store

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dharma Gaia - Gillian Coote speaking

Gillian Coote at DGF

On Friday night 25 April, Gillian Coote Roshi from the Sydney Zen Centre will be the speaker at the second Dharma Gaia forum. She will be speaking about her work as a bush regenerator. I managed to get to the first meeting and it was very interesting - the speaker was zen teacher Susan Murphy,  and I came away from the meeting with the clear understanding that buddhist practise in these times, the task of liberation, cannot just be about my own liberation. We are in a climate crisis.

7pm - 9pm, Buddhist Library,  92 Church St, Camperdown.
Suggested donation $10
See MeetUp webpage for further details

....." For those who can, we are planning to meet earlier at 6 pm at the Library where we shall brainstorm and discuss future directions of our group...Various kinds of supper food and refreshments will be provided.
                                     Some possible topics of brainstorm and discussion would be:
              1.  Sustainable city and rural communities
              2.  How to build sustainable communities
              3.   Easily accessible and achievable factors of transition to sustainability
              4.  Community Gardens
              5.  Post Peak Oil Transport and commuting
              6.   Water, Food and Energy security
              7. The role of Dharma/ meditation practice in building and sustaining such communities
                                                                  Yours For The Earth,   Peter Thompson  " (ph. 9525 - 2926)

DGF discussion circle 25 April